- Hugh Reinbolt | Social media specialist -

I am a social media/digital specialist, director, analysis lead; a marketer and consultant.

Digital data can inform and enable how we use technology, drive reach through desirable content and therefore inspire engagement with you and your brand(s).

I've managed and handled the campaigns and accounts of huge brands.

I am from Reading and I live in London. 

I've previously worked at Mindshare, Vizeum, Sony Music Entertainment and Coca-Cola. 

I recently left Mindshare to up-skill and to find my dream job.

I used to blog about moody music; I am not too moody myself though.

My coding is cowboy, which is why this site is still an old-skool Blogger blog.

'Get to the Future' is a line taken from an old jungle record.

I recently started taking my beard seriously and also got an amazing personal trainer.

My favourite movie is Fight Club and my favourite record is Back to Black.

Please get in touch via the social media links to the right!

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What I do

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Galactic Step. Time Flies. It Does.

I haven't posted anything for ages. I still seem to be getting visits from the UK and the US (in particular, bizarrely, from California and Texas). I really want to keep discovering and writing about fresh music, however, the activities that I occupy myself with don't seem to leave me with time for much else. The time that I do have seems to vanish into a myst of episodes of The Wire and True Blood. New jobs, domestic dramas and romantic pursuits aside, these are a couple of tracks that have been on repeat. They're of opposite moods but both equally as entrancing. I recently bumped into Icicle and was delighted to discuss his track, below, and how it is the happiest tune he's released to date. I don't know how you can listen to it and not smile.

Icicle - "Galactic Step"

Kryptic Minds - "Time Flies" (Feat Alys Be)

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Breach - 'I Need You'

This is a naughty tune! Forming the dubstep/house hybrid sound, 'I Need You', by Breach (aka Ben Westbeach, I believe), is full of frantic energy. This is coming out on Dirtybird Records and follows on from his previous release, 'Fatherless', which is below, along with the VIP!

Happy Mondays.

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The Grizzl & J. Phlip - Bakupgrl (Grizzl Detroit Dub)

I was delighted to come across a podcast of a recent Rinse FM show by Claude VonStroke (my hero). On this show he dropped a ridiculously heavy, techy, booty-shaking number called "Bakupgrl", which he co-produced with J.Phlip, under his The Grizzl alias.. BOOOOOM..

Here is some more!

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Nocow and Sleepyhead

Two unbelievably amazing and beautiful pieces of music are echoing in my thoughts. One is regretfully sorrowful and the other is bright and euphoric, yet both are undoubtedly inspired by the irritatingly elusive - yet satisfyingly mysterious - Burial. I have come across several artists producing such a sound, which has certainly become a complete genre in it's own right now (aptly tagged in one instance as 'stoned' 'garage'), and one that you can truly loose yourself in. Nocow and Sleepyhead are both from completely opposite sides of the planet, Russia and the US respectively, and both represent something so deep and intangible it is difficult to express in words why I love this music so much. The garage vibe at the core of the tunes is only the beginning. The rest, I hope as many people as possible can hear for themselves.

Nocow - "Moonlight Flit"

Download this track, free, from XLR8R.

Sleepyhead - "LA Kicks" ft Ghostek

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Photek - Totem

New Photek. I love it. 'Nuff. Said... ;)

Check out this recent Boiler Room set from London. Amazing mixing... Tough tracks...

Photek Facebook.

Photek iTunes.

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Dry the River - No Rest

I am proud to work with Dry the River. They are such an amazing and cutting edge band that has just played this year's Glastonbury and are surely going to be huge, all over the world. This is the video for their debut, "No Rest", which you can download from iTunes now. The record is released as a 7" vinyl on July 11th 2011.

Follow the band on Twitter and please visit their website.

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Kito & Reija Lee- Sweet Talk EP

Best EP of the year and some. 'This City' is one tune I've been waiting for....

Kito & Reija Lee.

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