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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

AVATAR Concept Art and Second Trailer

The upcoming movie Avatar is pretty damn exciting. The very prospect of 3D cinema without 3D glasses is exciting enough without everything I've heard about Avatar, along with the stills and that first trailer

There has been negative comments flowing around and I agree that the crazy blue dudes (also known as the Na'vi) do look a little bit odd and computer-gamey, but if you are a nerd like me and read Empire (or have heard from anyone else who has seen preview clips of the film) then you would have heard that it looks amazing - and feels amazing too, as it is meant to be some kind of next-level experience. I can't wait till December 18 when it comes out.

Good news then that a second trailer is due to hit the web sometime ''soon'', according to MarketSaw, whose source has the following to say about upcoming promo for Avatar:

"...there are more trailers than I can count on 2 hands. (TV spots) (featurettes) (Ubisoft promo reels) etc, etc, and yes "exclusive" content will be available on".

He also confirmed what we have been thinking for some time now - the next trailer will feature "more than 3 lines of dialogue" and further, Stephen Lang and Sigourney Weaver will have heavier exposure as will the Na'vi.

But out of all the news - this is what I find the most interesting: We will see glimpses of future Earth and with the "Story Trailer" in particular we will see some of the 
"incredible performance that Sam Worthington gives as Jake". Pandora's night life will also play a role.

He reiterated that of course this could all change on a dime given the track record of getting media pieces out to the masses, but this is what he has seen.

As far as when the next trailer will makes its debut: 
"I have no solid date to give you on the 2nd trailer front other than to say that it is coming *soon*"


Until then, check out this ridiculous concept art from

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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Banksy in London

A brand new Banksy has appeared in London, on the corner of Tottenham High Road and Philip Lane. Does he ever get busted by anyone?

See all here at:


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Monday, 21 September 2009

Jay Z Jay Z Jay Z

Waiting for Jay Z to appear through White Lies and Girls Aloud on a hangover wasn't quite as hard as I had anticipated.

WL were alright, never heard them before, and the lead man was a good singer who got the early crowd going as they jammed their "hits". Girls Aloud were also unexpectedly entertaining, although I nearly lost interest in their set after two songs.

What I did love throughout however was just how phenomenal the ginger girls voice is- I never knew! She sounds so much better than the others who are pretty bland in comparrison.

By this point the stadium was pretty packed, as you can see. Their pastel costumes and fluorescent backing dancers made the show all the more amusing and the Girls obviously looked gorgeous. Three pints at £4 each later and we are eagerly awaiting the lights to dim for Jigga Man - and when he made his entrance the stadium rocked!

Obviously by this point there was hardly a free space at all and every single person had their diamonds in the air from start to finish. The man himself performed fresh tracks from The Blueprint 3, most notably 'Empire State of Mind' as well as killers from times gone by such as 'Show Me What Ya Got', 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder' and 'You Don't Know'. His band are unbelievably good- his drummer had me spechless once again!! If you ever have the chance to see Jay Z live- do it! He loves his crowd, trust me.

Is it wrong that we missed Coldplay......nah! Many thanks to Helene for taking me.

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Jay Z vs Coldplay

Today we will venture into Wembley Stadium to bear witness to the new skool sound of Jay Z...who of course is supporting Coldplay with White Lies......and Girls Aloud? WTF? But I wonder how many people, myself included, are really only going for Hov? Updates to come later today.


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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Heath Legend // District 9 - I love Wikus // Adventureland

These pictures, although twisted, are really cool. Heath Ledger was amazing in The Dark Knight, I really don't think anyone can beat playing a dark soldier like his Joker - these images enforce how powerful and bleak that performance really was. And also how generally bleak Wrong Donalds is.... 

I would also like to comment on how awesome 
District 9 was! It wasn't quite what I expected, as I went in there believing the plot was going to be more complex and profound, I don't know why, however I was completely absorbed and mesmerized by the film from beginning to end. The effects are wicked, the scenes, imagery and characters are brilliant - check out the alien artillery - and the story is simple yet thoroughly entertaining.

I've admired some excellent anti-heros recently (such as Alan in The Hangover - the one with the beard!) and Wikus in District 9 is such an amazing character. You have to love him, despite his degrading treatment of the 'Prawns'. His arc, both physical and mental, is captivating. I can't wait to see this film again and to see  Sharlto Copley in his next movie. If you want to know where it all begun, watch "Alive in Joburg" - watch it now. I heard about this ages ago and only watched it recently. Shame.

I went to see Adventureland last night, made by the same director of Superbad, and it was also awesome. I am undecided if I prefer it to Superbad (which is one of my favourite movies) - it was ultimately a love story but it was hilarious. I am obsessed with Kristen Stewart - she is amazing - but if you like Superbad you need to see this, it is jokes! 
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Wednesday, 16 September 2009


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