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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Heath Legend // District 9 - I love Wikus // Adventureland

These pictures, although twisted, are really cool. Heath Ledger was amazing in The Dark Knight, I really don't think anyone can beat playing a dark soldier like his Joker - these images enforce how powerful and bleak that performance really was. And also how generally bleak Wrong Donalds is.... 

I would also like to comment on how awesome 
District 9 was! It wasn't quite what I expected, as I went in there believing the plot was going to be more complex and profound, I don't know why, however I was completely absorbed and mesmerized by the film from beginning to end. The effects are wicked, the scenes, imagery and characters are brilliant - check out the alien artillery - and the story is simple yet thoroughly entertaining.

I've admired some excellent anti-heros recently (such as Alan in The Hangover - the one with the beard!) and Wikus in District 9 is such an amazing character. You have to love him, despite his degrading treatment of the 'Prawns'. His arc, both physical and mental, is captivating. I can't wait to see this film again and to see  Sharlto Copley in his next movie. If you want to know where it all begun, watch "Alive in Joburg" - watch it now. I heard about this ages ago and only watched it recently. Shame.

I went to see Adventureland last night, made by the same director of Superbad, and it was also awesome. I am undecided if I prefer it to Superbad (which is one of my favourite movies) - it was ultimately a love story but it was hilarious. I am obsessed with Kristen Stewart - she is amazing - but if you like Superbad you need to see this, it is jokes! 
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