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Monday, 21 September 2009

Jay Z Jay Z Jay Z

Waiting for Jay Z to appear through White Lies and Girls Aloud on a hangover wasn't quite as hard as I had anticipated.

WL were alright, never heard them before, and the lead man was a good singer who got the early crowd going as they jammed their "hits". Girls Aloud were also unexpectedly entertaining, although I nearly lost interest in their set after two songs.

What I did love throughout however was just how phenomenal the ginger girls voice is- I never knew! She sounds so much better than the others who are pretty bland in comparrison.

By this point the stadium was pretty packed, as you can see. Their pastel costumes and fluorescent backing dancers made the show all the more amusing and the Girls obviously looked gorgeous. Three pints at £4 each later and we are eagerly awaiting the lights to dim for Jigga Man - and when he made his entrance the stadium rocked!

Obviously by this point there was hardly a free space at all and every single person had their diamonds in the air from start to finish. The man himself performed fresh tracks from The Blueprint 3, most notably 'Empire State of Mind' as well as killers from times gone by such as 'Show Me What Ya Got', 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder' and 'You Don't Know'. His band are unbelievably good- his drummer had me spechless once again!! If you ever have the chance to see Jay Z live- do it! He loves his crowd, trust me.

Is it wrong that we missed Coldplay......nah! Many thanks to Helene for taking me.

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