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Monday, 19 October 2009

One in three 11-16 year-olds 'upset, depressed, angry or stressed'

Fresh Google news came to my attention this morning that bought back memories of old. These are not very positive memories but it did make me wonder what all the fuss was about.

A recent UK survey concludes that a good third of kids in the UK blame school and loneliness for the blues. I for one will always blame school for giving me the blues 90% of the time, but it must have been something deeper than that. Maybe it was the lack of a medium of expression, such as this blog I'm writing now, that kept things bottled up. Saying that, even with the accessibility of the web, majority of children choose not to resort to the medium of the Internet as a platform for expression. Despite this, a new Childline website is being launched to "reach out to more children online", which seems an obvious contradiction considering the aforementioned statistic.

In my 'experience', I believe young people should be encouraged to express themselves in which ever way they can, by people they can relate to. I always hear of crative initiatives, such as dancing schools, especially around London.

God knows what the education system is like right now- on the inside I mean, as a student. But I like to think children are being influenced to get creative more nowdays than when I was 11-16.

Music was always my vice and my medium. It might not be for everyone but it is still my stimuli, each and everyday. Young people need to find their passion and their voice - and be helped along the way if necessary. 11-16 year olds should also be discouraged against drugs. So many kids get lured into smoking too much marijuana. They shouldn't do this until they're at least 17.

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