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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Four Tet - There Is Love In You

I am all about the new Four Tet album, "There Is Love In You", in particular the following two tracks that I heard on Giles Peterson's Radio One show last week. Absolutely brilliant, beautiful music that's taking it all to the next level:

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Friday, 29 January 2010

Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-Ray Player - Price Announced

Samsung has announced the price of it's anticipated 3D Blue-ray player at $399. It was available for pre-order on for a little while, but has since been removed.

The player will consist of Internet@TV and Samsung Apps features. Samsung also announced the mass production of it's HD 3D LCD TVs. No release date set.

Source: Endgadget
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Star Wars 3D Re-release - I, II, III, IV, V & VI??

An interesting article over at The Guardian regarding a potential re-release of all VI Star Wars movies in 3D.

Read up here. 1
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Claude VonStroke - Big N' Round (Worthy Remix)-Dirtybird

This ish is at the forefront of music - not just electronic music - and these people are some of the best music producers in the world.

Simply because I love this track very much ... and the picture makes me smile too.


I've been playing this lots - Instra:Mental - "Forbidden"

Then there's this upmost cutting edge drumandbass track, Icicle - "Time"

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

44 Inch Chest Clip - All Because of a Woman

Here is an hilarious clip from 44 Inch Chest, a beautifully foul-mouthed British movie that is being compared to the superb Sexy Beast.  The film is from director Malcolm Venvill, stars legendary actors John Hurt and Ray Winstone and looks set to impress:

The very foundations of the house of debauchary start to crack ...

Source: MovieWeb

JoBlo are also fortunate enough to have an exclusive clip here.


Release date TOMORROW Friday January 29.


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Avatar Deleted Scene - Jake's Bar Brawl

This has possibly been posted across multiple sites by now, but I wanted it, so here it is. A great image of one of the many supposed deleted scenes from Avatar, the aftermath of a bar fight when the lead character takes out about three people on his own from his wheel chair  - fair play!

How unbelievably awesome are these graphics? -

Source: probably illegitimate

Avatar 2 may have started pre-production and there are some amazing wallpapers available at 1stwebdesigner.

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Star Wars Monsters From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Dread Central have recently posted great news on an innovative spin on the characters of Star Wars, transforming them into freaky creepy monsters for the pure purpose of selling fresh merchandise to the fan boys (I will not be one of them). Please take a look at the limited edition Star Wars Monsters bobble-heads from Funko Toys, which are apparantly in "Series 1" and will be on sale from QTR 3 of 2010 - what is this world coming to? We have all the family favourites - Chewbacca, Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper dude and Yoda:

Luminous beings are they ...

Source: Dread Central


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Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland - Second Teaser Feature

Disney's forthcoming Alice In Wonderland through the looking glass of Tim Burton looks absolutely astounding. It is probably going to have twice as much impact as one would imagine when viewed in 3D, and three times as much impact if seen at the IMAX. I nearly cried when I saw Avatar at the IMAX in Waterloo, London - it was such an experience and it looks as though Tim Burton and Disney crew have created a world all of their own too:


Source: Cinema Blend

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bloodsuckers Are Go - Vlad, Dracula: Year Zero & Sam Worthington Battle

Bloodsuckers Are Go! in 2010 ... and things seem to be revving up for the legendary Vlad Tepes (a.k.a. Vlad the Impaler, THE Romanian historical figure and general all-round bad guy who was of course the inspiration behind Bram Stoker's Dracula) with ongoing news of upcoming productions based on the crazy dude. First Vlad, to be created by Brad Pitt's production company Plan B and Summit Entertainment of Twilight fame -- and more recently Universal's Dracula: Year Zero.

News of the latter movie has been circulating round the Internet in recent hours due to the potential signing of main-man Sam Worthington to the title role. Get to the Future has been on a scavenge of the net and has aggregated the findings.

Dracula: Year Zero, it is to be an origin story, obviously (at least it isn't called Dracula: The Beginning, or The Rise of Dracula, or even The Revenge of Dracula ... ) and will be directed by Alex Proyas (Knowing ... I, Robot ... ok ... Dark City and The Crow - awesome -- no one seems to mention this fact). Cinematical however, states that the movie could possibly be directed by Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, Constantine) so who knows ... The story will apparently be closer to the legend of Vlad Tepes himself, rather than the love-sick vampire made immortal by Bram Stoker's novel.

According to Empire we might expect a love story of some type with epic battles, including the inner-conflict of the anguished Dracula, and if you have seen Somersault (2004) and Macbeth (2006) alone, you may agree that Sam Worthington does pretty damn well at portraying an archetype of messed-up dudes afflicted by their desires and personal issues (not that they're all the same, they are each very different characters). The web debates his "star quality" (rah rah) since the success of AVATAR (WOOO), so if you have not seen the aforementioned movies of his, do so, please, because some online ramblings are quite unfair - see Latino Review and Obsessed With Film (they're a bit harsh). He was the highlight of Terminator Salvation (we found his sub-plot fascinating tbh - woman falls in love with cyborg and all that) and even Rogue is a wicked movie - fair enough he wasn't a major character, but he starred alongside a Giant Killer Croc! With Clash of the Titans (YES) coming up along with other less-epic and entirely original films, The Debt and Last Night, fingers are crossed that he will take the gig - he's got the right, white complexion for it at least. Fear Net gracefully points out that Sam Worthington "looks about as Eastern European as Captain America", but at the end of the day Jesus Christ wasn't white.

Alex Proyas decribed the film to Moviehole as "a medieval epic" and Shock Till You Drop reports that Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless have written the script (and have also written for the Flash Gordon remake, which Worthington may also be taking the lead role for ... we're not so keen on a remake of such a classic though ...) that Proyas described as "an interesting and original take on this character. It's all about how Vlad of Transylvania became this creature; the choices that he made to make him into this tragic character. It's so intriguing to me, to approach this as a character study on a huge, epic canvas." Cool.

Latino Review, which broke the news, reports that the movie's release is scheduled for Summer 2011,  is "budgeted at over $100M" (go team! - Universal's Wolfman apparently cost $165M) and is being produced by Michael De Luca (Ghost Rider ... and who is also working on a remake of Fright Night with Dreamworks, which has the potential to be excusable). Those are the supposed facts, and the rest of their report is essentially just slating everyone involved in the proposed movie. It's all a matter of opinion, but what nice guys.

Collider has recently posted a great interview with De Luca who suggests that the story will combine historical and fictional elements, chronicling Vlad's political endeavours as a young man, which invoves protecting his own son from his enemies - the Ottoman empire and the Turks, who Vlad eventually falls victim to, then gets spear-happy and gets down to some well needed impaling whilst serving a grand high evil Turk who is the 'antagonist' of the movie. In "a moment of desperation" Vlad climbs a mountain that is believed to be haunted to see if rumours of black magic atop of it are true and if he can use this magic to his military advantage. Of course what he finds leads to his 'transformation' into what we can only predict are the characteristics of the mythical Dracula. De Luca also states that it is to be "on the scale of Braveheart ... (with) a lot of supernatural action". Mouth watering ...

Universal are undoubtedly getting remake happy, what with Wolfman and a prequel to The Thing also in the pipeline. As JoBlo suggests, could Dracula: Year Zero be an innovative reinvigoration to the original Bad Boy, or will it metaphorically drive the stake further into the heart of the beast that is Dracula and become a dodgy movie? Fingers .... crossed.

Vlad, the second of the upcoming Dracula tales to come to a screen near us someday, has been written by actor Charlie Humman (which is pretty random considering he is an actor in his own right and gained fame in Queer as Folk ...) and to be directed by music video maker Anthony Mandler. The story will of course retrace the history of Vlad, however according to Sunday Sun, Charlie Humman "insists there will be no vampires in the project", indicating that the movie will be purely historical and not supernatural based in any way. Vlad has also been described as epic and is compared to "Braveheart and 300, centring on the story of the 15th Century leader’s resistance to the Ottoman Empire".  It seems that the script aims to portray how Vlad Tepes inspired vampirism without depicting actual vampirism or vampire qualities, such as the drinking of blood.

What is also interesting is that Humman is aspiring to have Colin Farrell or Christian Bale star in the lead role ... intriguing - they don't look particularly Eastern European either.

Croatian Times reports that Brad Pitt "has already begun location scouting at Poienari Fortress, an impenetrable castle reached only by 1,400 steps":

News surrounding Vlad is far less abundant than that of Dracula: Year One, and I wonder why! People seem to rebel against the idea of Sam Worthington playing Vlad Tepes, yet they sure love talking about it ... It's tough at the top.

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Monday, 25 January 2010

Australia Day CASPA Promotion - TiVo Free "Somersault" Download

To celebrate Australia Day, Australia's content-on-demand service, CASPA, is being promoted by TiVo & Hopscotch Films with the free movie download of "Somersault", a modern classic that explores themes of relationships, lust, sexuality and loneliness. It's a superb movie:

Australia's freeview/instant access/broadband internet service, TiVo, are offering the movie as a free download exclusively to TiVo owners, available via the CASPA menu option untill midnight January 26th.


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D.I.Y Transformer - Man Builds His Own Optimus Prime

The Monday Morning Intnernet Scrounge has led to very little more interesting than a Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris performance for Hope for Haiti and a spectacular video of a Taiwanese man who is apparantly taking the Interweb by storm with news reports of his crazy invention - a 14ft replica of Optimus Prime, fresh out of Tranasformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and made entirely out of junk. Awesome.

This isn't the first attempt at building the big Prime in one's front yard, read more hither.

If you really want to watch the soulful Justin Timberlake performace for Hope for Haiti, here it is:

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Touch - Next Level Smartphones

HTC and T-Mobile have teamed up again to launch the myTouch 3G Fender Smartphone on January 20 2010. The phone is being endorsed by Eric Clapton and handsets will contain music from the musician (such as Layla, My Father’s Eyes, Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart and Wonderful Tonight) as well as content from Avril Lavigne, Brad Paisley and Wyclef Jean. What's great about this phone is how it looks:

The phone has been designed to imitate the Fender - "it's not just a guitar, it's a collector's item". With the rise of cutting-edge smartphones, manufacturers are going to have to keep coming up with unique ideas like this to push the boundaries of the market.

In other news, rumours are circulating about the 4th Generation I-Phone, which could have the following features:

  • dual-core processor
  • improved graphics chip
  • removable battery
  • ront-facing camera
  • higher-performance main camera

This could be released June 2010. Read up here.

In the shadow of the Google Nexus One and Dell Mini 3 (Dell gone mobile??) comes the Lenovo Lephone, which could be the nicest looking mobile phone in the history of mobile phones. This beast has the following features:

  • centrally-positioned D-pad
  • high-polish chrome finish
  • 3.7-inch 480 x 800 touchscreen with a touch-control panel underneath

The Lephone is due to be released in China during the first half of 2010 with no news about the rest of the world ... 

Here it is, be amazed:

We want one, really badly. As always, read up here. It seems 2010 is the year when mobile technology and aesthetics are taken to the next level.


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Bricks & Pieces - 'Pop Art Lego Fashion'

This is absolutely nuts - Ricky and Dee Jackson, known as The Twins, have become big names having set a trend by designing "boutique accessories made out of lego blocks". These include hand made belt buckles and brooches that go for around $50+ and have been worn by the likes of Kanye West, Rihanna and Marc Jacobs fashion models.

These crazy kids seem to be doing pretty well, selling wholesale orders to boutiques within the US and Europe. Since their innovative Lego 'inventions' they have moved on to high price, branded Starter Jackets - duffle bags, made out of jackets and a pair of straps:

The Twins are apparently developing Tyvek shirts and ties as well as bullet proof duffle bags, which are simply prerequisite to a trendy lifestyle.

Here are The Twins in person:

Dee and Ricky's LEGO creations

It's very odd, and that's a good thing.

Source: SILive
Dee and Ricky


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Thursday, 14 January 2010

IMAX 3D Camera In Space - Hubble 3D Trailer

IMAX, Warner Brothers and NASA have teamed up to take the public "on a journey through time and space". In 2009 seven astronaughts were sent on a mission to repair and service the Hubble Space Telescope, armed with an IMAX 3D camera - the result is Hubble 3D. This trailer is breathtaking:

As the trailer states, the film aims to "show us the size of the universe and the beauty that it holds", taking the audience through the Atlantis shuttle launch, the setbacks of the mission and apparent 'dramatic rescues'. IMAX 3D footage will be combined with 3D Hubble Space Telescope imagery of the farthest reaches of space.

Judging by the trailer and further research, Hubble 3D looks set to give a vivid experience of the cosmos and will be the closest any normal person can get to space travel. What's next - taking actors to outer-space to film inter-glactic sci-fi films on-location? Why not ...

The film is set to be released worldwide in IMAX theatres Spring 2010.

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Freak of Nature: The Roll Cloud

Something that should catch the attention of 100% of the population is the 'roll cloud', especially if you have neither seen one nor heard of one ...

One has recently been spotted in South America:

Roll clouds are "rare long clouds (that) form near advancing cold fronts". Absolutely amazing. Read more about this phenomenon at MailOnline.

How about these bad boys:


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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Three Dimensional Future - Cinema & HDTV in 3D will grow & grow

It's a new year, into the second decade of the second millennium A.D. Amazing advances in technology and lifestyle have surpassed expectations - file-sharing became an unstoppable copyright infringing force; social networking bought the world together in peace, chaos and in joy and pain; Apple put MAC computers in our pockets; HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc battled it out for supremacy; HDTV became commonplace; Avatar in all its amazing 3D glory was indeed a spectacular film and experience, and Rage Against The Machine went to number one in the UK singles chart. All in all, a fairly impressive and exciting time.

What I am mostly fascinated by at this very moment is the prospect of 3D film technology. DisplaySearch forecasts there will be over 7,000 new 3D cinema screens installed (I assume globally) in 2010 and an additional 9,000 in 2011 - it's going to get very popular this year! 3D cinema has been proven a great success now - however, people have to wear glasses, which to be honest, really does suck, but it can't last forever.

Current 3D techniques are as follows (Source: Empire, Dec 2008; 46):


Uses cardboard-framed red & blue glasses to allow each naked eye to interpret different coloured images.

Alternate-Frame Sequencing

Frames of a film alternate between each eye on screen whilst shutter-glasses open and close so each eye sees only the correct frames.


The current theatrical method, as employed for Disney's A Christmas Carol, Avatar and the forthcoming Tintin. Polarisation superimposes two distinct images using polarising filters. The lenses of the glasses admit differently polarised light, therefore two distinct images are seen.


This method of 3D does not require glasses at all - it uses 'lenticular lenses' or a 'parallax barrier'. This means that you have to stand in a particular place before the screen so each eye can see a different version of the image shown - a great obstacle for this technique to be mass marketable.

3D is now even moving beyond the cinema and into home television. Recent advertisements in cinema for 3D HDTV Sky boxsets were actually quite surprising (this is Sky's first consumer awareness campaign for it's 3D channel, with airtime before screenings of Avatar across 700 UK cinemas -- DirectTV have also announced a 3D channel). 3D Blu-ray players and 3D encoded Blu-ray discs are also expected in the near future (Sony, Samsung and JVC have announced partnerships with RealD, which creates the technology behind most of the 3D movie screens in the UK and the US). Supposedly the new 3D TV sets will employ Alternate-Frame Sequencing and "active-shutter" LCD 3D glasses, which suggests competition with the innovative Polarisation technique currently used in cinema. See Yahoo! Tech.

Either I am difficult to please, or I just have high expectations, because I would much rather do without the glasses. I know the technology has been out there for a while, a friend of mine sells the advertising space of Philips 3D TV screens to businesses in the Middle East and has been for years (see Wired) -- TV screens built with Autostereoscopic technology (as consumers pass by the screen, in a shopping mall for example, the 3D image will certainly grab their attention). I have seen them, they are very impressive (supposedly he also sells space on holographic projectors, however I haven't seen them so I cannot comment). It's only a matter of time before this technology becomes perfected and commercialised. Despite the limitations, Magnetic 3D, a global leader in autostereoscopic 3D displays has recently announced that it will be debuting a 2010 product line.

Putting television aside, what about laptops and mobile phones? According to DisplaySearch "the total stereoscopic (with glasses) 3D display market will grow from 0.7 million units and US$902 million in revenues in 2008 to 196 million units and $22 billion in revenues in 2018".  3D-ready TVs are expected to grow from 0.2 million units in 2009 to 64 million units in 2018:

Source: DisplaySearch / cnet)

The most popular 3D display product expected to be sold by 2018 is the mobile phone and the second most popular is forecasted to be 40- to 49-inch displays (TVs, public displays). The growth of 3D cinema and availability of 3D content is predicted to drive a hefty demand.

What lies ahead? We have quickly gone from an ongoing surge of converting from Standard Definition to High Definition; from DVD to HD DVD to Blu-Ray Disc -- to 3DHD and 3D Blu-ray. It's an inevitable evolution over the long-term future. Despite the cost and annoyance of replacing one's technology and personal DVD collection, one day everyone who owns a TV and DVD player will  be kitted out with high definition technology and DVD formats and it seems 3D tech may come hand in hand with HD. What is questionable is the future of cinema -- this may be a far out idea -- but if the public were to have access to newly released films in their own home, to pay a premium to enjoy new films in the comfort of their own houses, with their own 3D 60-inch televisions, would they? It may not be viable for 100% of the population, because that premium would be high; but could cinema become extinct with the advances of home technology, or would the experience of the IMAX render that impossible? This depends on how lazy humans become.

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