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Monday, 22 February 2010

Future 3D Printers & Scanners - Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

As a natural follow up to the last post, I am keen to present more futuristic technology at the forefront of '3D' printing and scanning.

First up, Hewlett-Packard has partnered with Stratasy (manufacturer of 3D printers and production systems) to develop the uPrint® Personal 3D Printer, which is 'the world's first personal 3D printer', small enough to sit on your desk by your computer and is priced at $14,900:

Invetech and Organovo have developed the 'first commercial 3D Bio-Printer for manufacturing human tissue and organs' - the implications of this range from simple medical care to growing limbs and saving lives in ways never before imagined. Scary.

Two MIT students have created the concept for Cornucopia: Digital Gastronomy - food printers that mix liquid and ingredients to suit the user's preference:



Finally, Ortery is responsible for Photosimile 5000, a 3D scanner that can 'automatically create professional still photos, 360-degree, hemispherical and full spherical product animations':

Source: PC World

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