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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Get to the Future Receives Its First Hate Mail

I am chuffed to have received pure hate from a random Californian, who has contacted me directly on Facebook to inform me that I should 'learn how to spell', and that he's going to 'make me bleed' and 'go cry' to my mum...

I think I do a pretty good job of checking my grammar. I'm not too sure what he's going on about, but it is likely to be a misspelt post on Facebook somewhere. Maybe something lost in translation?

I apologise for any spelling errors that I may have made.

It's all a matter of opinion and I'm glad that they can be expressed. I love social media, what a great method of communication.

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  1. It is cos you said fcuk? What you should do is post a link to his profile on your fb and ask your friends to abuse him?!?

  2. Is FCUK a curse word or a fashion brand?

    I found it very amusing. My reaction was purely to put it up here and show the world. Only through social media was this dialogue made possible.

    Hugh RB

  3. To be fair though Hugh you do suck! lol