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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Ikonika Feature at Knowledge Magazine - Debut Album Tracklisting

There is a great feature about dubstep / electronic music producer Ikonika at Knowledge Magazine, which boasts this heavy video mix by Ikonika and Optimum:

The video is exemplary of how far out and amazing modern electronic music, garage beats and 'dubstep' really are. Go with it. BO!

The tracklisting for her debut album - Contact, Want, Love, Have - is as follows:

  1. Ikonklast (Insert Coin)
  2. Idiot
  3. Yoshimitsu
  4. Fish
  5. R.e.s.o.l
  6. They Are All Losing The War
  7. Millie
  8. Sahara Michael
  9. Continue?
  10. Heston
  11. Psoriasis
  12. Video Delays
  13. Look (final boss stage)
  14. Red Marker Pens (Good Ending)

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