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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Noisia Split The Atom - Debut Album Finally Emerges

The world class music producers NOISIA - pioneers, first and foremost, of drum and bass, as well as breakbeat, electro and assorted flavors of electronic dance music - are finally set to release their first album on April 5th 2010.

Noisia's earliest press shot

The long player will be titled Split The Atom, will certainly reflect their eclectic range of productions over the years and apparently will feature the following tracklist:

For Vision Recordings:

A. Shellshock ft. Foreign Beggars
B. Sunhammer ft. Amon Tobin
C. Thursday
D. Hand Gestures ft. Joe Seven

For Division Recordings:

A. Split the Atom
B. Alpha Centauri
C. Machine Gun
D. Red Heat

I have loved Noisia since their emergence years ago, having since released on the biggest UK drum and bass record labels including Renegade Hardware and Ram Records; and also their own imprints. They have also entirely produced the second album for Hadouken. I say no more. Listen:

The original Noisia Mini Mix for Annie Mac's Radio One show rounds them up to a treat:

This has also recently dropped, as a collaboration with UK Hip-Hop originals Foreign Beggars; a track called 'Contact' -- just listen to the sounds of this track, the bass is unbelievable; Noisia's production is truly phenomenal:


Split The Album is destined to be extraordinary. The album with be released on Noisia's new imprint, Invisible Recordings, which is being established in 2010 to "cater for deeper and more experimental drum&bass releases, produced by themselves and other artists" including Icicle and Phace.

Noisia Facebook

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