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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rambus Mobile XDR - Next Generation Mobile Devices With 3D

The single most inconvenient obstacle facing users of current 'smart phones' is battery life. If one were to use their, let's say iPhone, to full potential - utilizing myriad applications, the built in iPod function (I still say 'Walkman' when referring to my 'portable music device'), email, internet browsing with 3G, text messaging and of course standard phone calls - the battery life of said iPhone won't last very long, barely half a day. It is good news then that California based technology licensing company Rambus has introduced a "ground breaking technology development effort to develop a high-bandwidth, low-power memory architecture for next generation mobile applications".

The  Mobile XDR should increase both performance speed and battery life, "operating at a data rate of up to 4.3Gbps" allowing 17Gb/s of bandwidth. This technology provides scope for all mobile devices including tablets and netbooks whilst also providing developers with the opportunity to create cutting edge applications and mobile content that can employ stereoscopic 3D HD video and gaming. Sweet.

For your eyes - it gets deep:

Source: Mobile Magazine

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