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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Nu Directions: Drum and Bass

There is plenty going on with drum and bass label Nu Directions at the moment. Out now is this release, with tracks from Chris Inperspective and Survival:

Chris Inperspective - 'Herb Minus'

Survival - 'The Source'

Download on Beatport.

I also love this track very much, 'Be There 4 U' by DKay & Rawfull; it's very unique...and pretty old now:

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Vice Guide To Film: Mexican Narco Cinema Part 1 of 3

"Drugs we like 'em. Films we love 'em. Put 'em together - Narco Cinema."

Following on from my previous post about the 'Vice Guide To Film' series on VBS.TV, the first installment premiered yesterday; 'Mexican Narco Cinema Part 1 of 3'.

Shane Smith travels to Mexico to explore Narco Cinema; the film genre "where drugs meets film" and is essentially comprised of not only drugs, but woman, good cops, bad cops, drug dealers and of course trucks.

The documentary is an exploration of the foundations of Narco Cinema, where Shane Smith visits North Austin in Texas, which is a major distribution point for the micro-industry, to truly understand Narco Cinema; which is also known as 'Videohomes', as these movies are generally released straight to video / DVD. The stories of these B-Movies relate topically to what is going on in Mexico, both culturally and politically, involving drug cartels and police departments. Narco Cinema boasts inspiring titles such as 'Coca Inc', 'La Camioneta Gris', 'La Hummer Negra' and 'La Durango Roja'.


What is interesting is that the sign of success for these movies is in those that become franchises; some of which reach five or even six sequels.

Shane Smith also goes to Mexico City where he introduces the drug culture and the flow of narcotics between the US and Mexico. It is in Mexico City where Shane meets Jorge Reynoso (actor, director, writer, producer) who is a traditional Narco Cinema bad-guy and has starred in over 500 films. In Cuernavaca Shane meets another star; Mario Almada, who at 86 years old has starred in over 1000 films as a traditional good-guy. 'Vice Guide to Film' also profiles Rafael Caro Quintero, an infamous drug trafficker of the 1980s who was a major influence to the industry.

So, Narco Cinema, a "hyper-violent and sexy" celebration of drug traffickers -- who often finance these films -- which examines the relationships between the government and the drug cartels and the dark realities of Mexico. My Aunt is from Mexico, but she never seems to complain!

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[.Rec] 2 English Trailer

I am looking forward to [.Rec] 2. I am all over it with bells, whistles and spare pants. [.Rec] was superb!

What's going to happen when, and if, these guys get to that room on the top floor? Check out the English trailer:

I think the Spanish trailer has more bite to it:

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Palladium London Pirate Radio Documentary

UK boot brand Palladium has created a fascinating documentary about London Pirate Radio; watch it here. It explores the history, the genres and the present impact of technology and the internet. Good stuff! "Pirates could be everywhere"...

Also check out the Pirate Radio mixtape Palladium have put together with tracks by Jammer and Frisco that's up here.

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Sleeping Insects Covered In Water Droplets

Extraordinary extreme close-up photographs of insects in 'sleeping' states and covered in water droplets have been taken by Miroslaw Swietek.

With torch in hand the photographer hunted these insects and set up his camera millimeters away from them. The state these insects were in is not quite sleep, however they are immobile and less sensitive to their environment.

Source: DailyMail

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Stunning American Landscapes

Stunning isn't the right word for these American Landscapes... Photographed by James Overstreet.

Source: ESPN

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SMMJ2135-0102 - Galaxy Discovered 10 Billion Light Years Away

The galaxy known as SMMJ2135-0102 has recently been discovered by an international team of astronomers whilst observing an epic group of galaxies approximately 4.5 billion light years away (that's a long way from home).

Data revealed the existence of this galaxy, that until this point had not been identified. Astronomers use a metric known as red-shift to estimate 'intergalactic' distance and SMMJ2135-0102 is apparently twice as far away as the galaxies they were originally observing (c10 billion light years away). What they were observing, in fact, was the galaxy in its form as it was roughly 3.5 billion years after the Big Bang.

According to Einsteins Theory of Relativity (which suffice to say I know nothing about) the group of galaxies gravity was bending light from SMMJ2135-0102 'sitting' behind it, in effect becoming one big magnifying glass; supposedly boosting the perceived size of the galaxy around 32 times.

Astronomers have since identified stars forming within SMMJ2135-0102; regions the size of the Milky Way but 100 times brighter; indicating that star formation was a lot more healthy and concentrated then compared to today. I will stop now, as I am confusing myself. I honestly don't pretend to know what this is all about; I only try to make sense of it all....

SMMJ2135-0102 (artists impression)
"A fortuitous alignment of celestial objects allowed astronomers to snap their sharpest image to date of star-making regions in a galaxy about 10 billion light-years from Earth. Large bright clouds in this artist’s rendering of the distant galaxy SMM J2135-0102 are sites of vigorous star formation."

SMMJ2135-0102 (artists impression with observations overlaid as contours)

Hubble Space Telescope Image

Digitised Sky-Survey of the field of the galaxy cluster

Hubble Space Telescope plus far-infrared colour composition
"This false-color composite image shows the foreground galaxy cluster (center of left image) that acts as a gravitational lens, the magnified view of the remote galaxy SMM J2135-0102 (top right image, in red) and individual star-forming clouds in the galaxy (bottom right). The magnification of the distant galaxy by the foreground cluster creates a mirage, doubling the actual number of star-forming clouds."

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Kissez - Luuuurrrve Photography

kissez - a Tumblr project that collects photography and quotes related to the art of kissing; romance and afffection, and which has been running for over a year. Here is a selection of my favourite images, some new, some old; in no particular order. Can you feel the luuuurrrve tonight?

kiss |kis|
verb [ trans. ]
touch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, reverence, or greeting : he kissed her on the lips | [ trans. ] she kissed the children goodnight | [ intrans. ] we started kissing.

Source: Cakeheadlovesevil

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US School Production of 'Scarface'

This US School Production of 'Scarface' throws my entire perception of morality into question:

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Monday, 29 March 2010

Noisia 'Split the Atom' Album Launch at Fabric London

Drum and Bass artists Noisia have announced that they will be launching their debut album, 'Split the Atom', at Fabric London on April 9th 2010 for a Room 2 takeover with Phace and Andy C! See you there...

'Split the Atom' tracklist:

1. Machine Gun
2. My World f. Giovanca
3. Shitbox
4. Split The Atom
5. Thursday
6. Leakage
7. Hand Gestures f. Joe Seven
8. Headknot
9. Red Heat
10. Shellshock f. Foreign Beggars
11. Whiskers
12. Alpha Centuri
13. Soul Purge f. Foreign Beggars
14. Diplodocus
15. Paper Doll
16. Dystopia
17. Sun Hammer f. Amon Tobin
18. Stigma
19. Square Feet

'Shellshock' featuring Foreign Beggars.

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Earth Hour

I missed out on Earth Hour; an environmental / climate awareness strategy that involves landmarks and monuments around the globe turning off their lights (as well as homes and on-screen social networks). This occurred last night Sunday 27th March:

Source: Examiner

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