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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Alien Gorilla on Mars

Today Metro is debating whether or not life exists on Mars; although this is not regarding an alien life form that one might expect, instead it is a question of the existence of a Martian silverback gorilla:

I wish I had more time to research and explore this phenomenon; as what seems to be a big rock could quite possibly be the most amazing discovery man has ever made! The image was taken by the Mars Spirit Rover:

There does not seem to be any breaking news about this discovery on the NASA website, so maybe it was a leak of top secret information and right now there are governement bounty hunters out for the head of the culprit. Jokes!

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  1. How come NASA does not order the robot to check out more closely the "rock formation"?
    Are they so sure it is not a life form? What is the purpose of that robot if not to investigate these kind of anomalies?
    Good thing that the US citizens or whoever pays for nasa's trips in space, do not make a scandal. Good thing that they don't give a s**t, or else NASA would have to investigate for real life forms.

  2. Why would this have to be a gorilla? Considering that Mars is extremely cold, perhaps a living being needs warm clothing to stay outside. Not to be paranoid... but let's just imagine for a moment that if we discovered space in around 1969... perhaps Space Agencies around the world did not sleep the whole time for the last 40 years. Just think about it. 50 years ago we din not have computers. Look at us now. Just try to apply the same evolution rate to the space conquering. This may enable you to imagine that there are people (organizations) with enough technology to travel in space (it would be more than common sense). So if they would want to go to Mars, they would have to wear some very warm clothes like animal fur on top of space suits. Look at the second "gorilla", to the left of the big one. It looks almost identical to the first one, only further away. What are the odds of 2 rocks, a few meters apart that look so alike?
    In my opinion we are being kept in the dark about the real developments in space. The only mystery to me is why? Are we not allowed to know what is going on there? Are we being watched by other civilisations? Is space kept only for the chosen ones because it's too expensive for the rest of us? I do not know... It will probably remain a mystery for the rest of my life.

  3. Personally, I believe in the impending invasion of evil Space Monkeys. If it is true; it can only mean that these Gorillas From Mars are after one thing and one thing only - the warmth of our sacred planet Earth (and possibly to eat our young too). I for one am ready to stand up and fight!

    I wonder what their space ship will look like. Maybe they're actually really small, like Critters?

    I am also open to the possibility of this photo being proof of the Illuminati In space, and in the picture above, two of the anointed humans are taking a stroll in their furry space suits; but what are their plans? Why stay on Mars when it is so cold? Why wear furry gorilla space suits?

    One thing is certain - this is a conspiracy of doom that one can only imagine the consequences of.