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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Impeccable - Shogun Audio Evolution EP Series 1

These tunes are big. Available now, fresh from Shogun Audio; cutting edge, impeccable drum and bass -- Shogun Audio Evolution EP Series 1.

SpectraSoul on the remix of Friction & K-Tees track 'Overtime'. The duos signature crisp beats ride over a vigorous pad and synthesised keys. The old skool vibe of the original track is sliced and diced and morphed into Spectrasouls own; a potent bassline twists and bends through the track and allows that jungle energy to swim through:

Wizards of tech, Phacecertainly do not disappoint with 'Strange Science'; their filthy contribution to the EP. This tune approaches your hearing like a lone Terminator with the skin missing from half its face; teasing you with the inescapable beauty and boldness of its futuristic sounds and bass that step through the aural time portal.

SpectraSouls elegant and soulful style practically creates its own sub-genre and 'Bygones' is a pure example. The righteous notes of the tracks walking mid-sounds are soon whipped into place by bolts of jagged synth.  The low, heartfelt vocals of the production are once again unique and genuinely moving.

If drum and bass were a religion, Icicle would be a high-priest of the darkside. 'Minimal Funk' perfectly encapsulates the heavy crusading vibe that I have long favoured in drum and bass. Icicles piece has a definitive head-nod, rude boy sound similar to Matrix (bow down). Take this tribal journey with your eyes closed. Big the fcuk up!


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