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Thursday, 4 March 2010

KITO - Otherworldy. Unique. Beautiful. Dubstep

I have spent the last twenty-four hours without connection to the Internet. During this time I have cursed BT Broadband and questioned what I value more: food / water or connection to the Internet. It seems I have had difficulty living without the latter and I have no idea how long I would have lasted had I not resolved my lack of Internet this very day. I have sought comfort in my recent reunion with the World Wide Web by immediately pouncing on Twitter, and thus through the power of the Tweet I have discovered a unique artist of dubstep and electronic musical goodness called Kito, of Perth, Australia.


She really is an artist I should have been aware of already, but I excuse myself for being unbelievably busy in recent times. Thankfully, through the medium of Twitter, I was introduced electronically to Kito via a Tweet made by Dave of Brighton-based drum and bass pioneers Spectrasoul (whom I was chuffed to introduce electronically to Claude VonStroke).

Kito's sound has got a sun-soaked grunge edge to it that makes me feel like I am about to go on a trip somewhere very special; clearly her track 'LFO (featuring Reija Lee)' is a great tune to either start or end a night with:

The following track, 'Don't Wanna Lose You' is more hypnotic with a warping, ethereal vibe that is  very spiritual with its lush vocals; which is the stuff that really rocks my world (I also detect a hint of the Amen in there):

On the other hand, I felt 'On The Floor' was a greater, head-nod party track; although no less profound and equally as powerful in its ability to make me visualize beautiful things (does Australia have this effect on its producers?):

This next track makes me itching to know where she get's her magnificent vocals from. I can remember being attracted to early rave tracks as a kid because of such deep, infectious vocals. 'What If' has 'Summer days' printed all over it and simply makes me want to jump around the room and move; especially once the beats start skipping double-time. The dream-like quality of the cascading waves of synth brings water to my eyes:

'Cold' is definitely colder and darker. Its ripping synth sound sent shivers through my limbs and with its morphing bassline 'Cold' has a rebellious, crusading feel, which when combined with the contrasting sparse pads, reminds me somewhat of 'Mutant Revisted' by DJ Trace -- dark, dirty yet sublime, emotive and otherworldly. It's very moving. This tune is easily my favorite, it is absolutely outstanding. By now you are probably just as in love with Kito as I am:

I am truly blown away by these beautiful pieces of music that are completely mesmerizing; ruthlessly so. It is great that Kito has been signed to Skream's very own Disfigured Dubz label. UK is at the source. 

I now ask myself what I conclude from discovering Kito. Not only is she an amazing discovery (these tunes are some of the most original and touching pieces of music I have heard this side of the year 2000, regardless of genre or style), but she is a discovery that was made because of my connection to the Internet. It is a connection that I depend on, nearly as much as I do food / water and music itself.

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  1. check out her mix on australian tripple Jradio.

    Ive had it on my ipod since May/june and it is one of the best mixes Ive heard. Defiently in my top 5 mixes off all time.

    The whole mix is on the same 'vibe' as the tunes she creates, and you can see what other artists 'influence' her and allso get a heads up on similar sounding artists.

    Thats where i first heard of Starkey from this mix, check out

    miricles -

    spacewalk -

  2. Thank you! Picked up the mix recently - heavy!

    Starkey is awesome.


  3. This article/posting absolutely nails it in about Kito and her music....

    I too first heard of Kito through Starkey when he toured here in South Australia in March 2009

    I have had the pleasure of meeting and djing with her... I have run 2 parties she has played at and her presence over the dancefloor is incredible...

    In a world of harsh and dark tearout dubstep Kito is a breath of fresh air and her tunes by no means are not dark or lacking in bass....

    I think what Kito brings to the dubstep equation is 'feeling'.... simply just 'feeling' a song... simple as that... dont deny your feelings??

  4. Gunda G - thank you very much for your words! I saw Kito spin recently at an intimate gig, it was superb. I wrote a piece here - I must say I fully exploited my time on the dancefloor during the set.

    'Feeling' is definitely the keyword. She and Vaccine are two of my favorite artists at the moment. It makes me wonder what amazing music is out there that I haven't discovered...

    I shall listen to your beats in the next couple of days Gunda G. Thanks again.


  5. Bigups!!! Yeah I love Chistine Vaccine too...

    If you havent listened to Kulture get onto it as well..

    My stuff is very very amateur compared to Kito but she and Starkey have been the 2 greatest influences on my sound...

    You can hear my beats at:

    some are downloadable from the Ground Zero Player under the Beatport player...

    or here:

    if you hear anything you like let me know and I can sort out a download link..

    jah bless

  6. Heres the link to my EP available now on Beatport...

    Both these tunes were inspired after hearing and meeting Kito...

    jah bless