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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Pig Out - Rave Abuse

I'm getting well into Pig Out, a duo from Aukland, New Zealand who are absolutely abusing the ingredients of rave and jungle; transforming the components of their compositions into some serious next level, futuristic audio. This is cutting edge dance music; with a definitive dubstep texture.

And they're live!


I guess this is the same Pig Out, but this track is lazily good:

Pig Out's new album, 'Rave X' is out now.

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  1. Out now if you're in New Zealand that is...

  2. eezy blood. get the full low down on our me space. hoping for europe release v soon : )

  3. awesome - thank you! your tunes are TOUGH!

  4. PIG OUT are totally rad. LOVE them.