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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Predators Buzz Builds - New Poster

The latest Predator movie is upon us; Predators - produced/written by Robert Rodriguez, directed by Nimród Antal (who made Vacancy with Kate Beckinsale in 2007) and starring Laurence Fishburne, Adrien Brody and of course Danny Trejo.

Predators has recently been promoted at SXSW and aims to reignite the world of the ghastly Predator and create an entirely new and original story.

The launch website looks awesome and there you will see a sneak peek of the movie, where Robert Rodriguez introduces the premise, as well as stating that they have created "something the audience isn't expecting"; introducing a new planet, new characters, "the classic Predator from the original movie" and "a new, updated, nastier, meaner breed". It seems the reinvention will also introduce new beings, including the Predator Hound (there's more about Predators' concept art at Wired):

The cast certainly adds much credibility to the initial buzz and the available footage looks edgy as hell! If this and the audience reactions from SXSW on the PredatorsTheMovies Channel on YouTube are anything to go by, we could well be in for a treat.

The trailer is being released online 18th March.

Source: Shock Till You Drop, LA Times

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