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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

VBS.TV Presents the 'Vice Guide to Film'

Online video network VBS.TV has today launched a new series called 'Vice Guide to Film', created by the co-founders of Vice Magazine Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti.

The series will consist of six episodes, incorporating six different countries including Kim Jong-il's North Korean film studios (did you know that?); the Mexican Narco Cinema as funded by your friendly neighbourhood Mexican drug lords, a Japanese film from Gasper Noé sponsored by the Yukuza, Russian parallel cinema, Palestinian filmmakers in Beirut and Iranian film in Tehran. 

The series will explore these elusive fim industries, allowing audiences to glimpse the realities of these countries; their films, culture and politics and at the same time projecting the raw voice of international cinema:

Ep.1 North Korea
Shane Smith visits North Korea to try and pene- trate the Korean Feature Film Studio, the state-run film production facility west of Pyongyang: a sprawling lot that at its height produced around 40 films a year. Today, no one is quite sure how many films are made there. Posing as a fan of Arirang – the famous North Korean mass gymnastic games and national pastime – Shane is going to try and get into North Korea and get himself invited to the Pyongyang production studio. The studio consists of a series of huge back lots waiting for the Dear Leader’s scripts to be delivered.

Ep.2 Mexico
Shane Smith goes to Mexico City to hang out with Mario Almada and other actors, directors and producers that play key roles in what is called in Mexico the “Video-Home” industry. He visits some sets both in Mexico City and in Sinaloa, in northern Mexico, where the drug trade is both very real and also reaches mythological proportions. The coverage will also touch upon cultural elements of northwest Mexico such as Malverde, the pagan patron saint of drug dealers and the narco-corridos, a music genre that sings about the perils and adventures of those involved in the drug trafficking both in Mexico and the US.

Ep.3 Russia
The Parallel Cinema movement that emerged in the then Soviet Union in the mid 1980’s was a fascinating mixture of old Soviet avant-garde agitprop film- making and something called “Necro-realism” which was a movement spearheaded by Yvegny Yufit and consisted of very weird gay male zombie movies, fat bald men having sex and eating each other’s brains. It was supposed to be a comment on the impending fall of the Soviet system and the decadence of the apparachiks that were in charge. Shane will find the surviving members of these movements in Moscow and St. Petersburg and document a new Parallel film in production.

Ep.4 Beirut
Shane Smith heads out to Bouj al Barajneh, one of the biggest and most famous Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, to meet Ahmed Iskander. In the summer of 2007 Ahmed was given a camera and with it he and his friend Damouni are finally going to shoot an idea they’ve had for a long time: a comedy about a young Palestinian who is trying to find a job in the camp. Shane follows the guys as they make their film in the harsh surroundings of Bouj al Barajneh where the basics of life are a challenge and peo- ple are officially homeless.

Ep.5 Iran
In this episode of The Vice Guide to Film, Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti are invited through an associate, as guests of the 3rd International Urban Film Festival. Working alongside with the KHANEH production company, and their producers, as well as directors and contacts, Shane and Eddy are able to meet with some of the countries most predominant actors and directors, as well as attend the closing ceremony and events of the festival.

Ep.6 Japan
Shane Smith takes a leap into the dark under- world of Tokyo to find the legendary filmmaker Gaspar Noé who is shooting his newest film “Enter the Void” in the sex clubs and offlimits districts of the Japanese capital.

Head on over to VBS to follow the series. 

Shane Smith 

Eddy Moretti

Also take a look at this "mind-Altering Japanese trailer" for Gaspar No’s 'Enter the Void'

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