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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Missing Pieces of Drum and Bass

Diverse producers of intelligent drum and bass, Format None and Dissident, have released tracks on the 'Missing Pieces 15' album via Hungarian drum and bass label Misspent Music; "Lullaby" and "Fairytail" respectively (which can be downloaded here). This is meditative, dream music; the kind of drum and bass that you can wake up with in the morning with a smile on your face. Some of it embraces the minimal, half-tempo style and some is extremely break heavy and fresh out of the jungle - an album preview is below and the full tracklisting is as follows:

01. Faalb - Well Wet 
02. Salmz - Travel In The Far East 
03. Mendelayev - Reflections 
04. Cycom - Niagra 
05. Fushara - Street Reality 
06. Salmz - Sun Temple 
07. Fushara - Lost Inside 
08. Ghostwarrior - The Box 
09. Snaper - Sick Tape 
10. Anorganik - Streamed Marvel 
11. Dissident - Fairytale 
12. Format None - Lullaby

"Each of us has our own personalised firewall, blocking threats, disturbances and undesirable offal. "Missing Pieces" is a compilation deserving to permeate one's guard. ICR chooses newcomers and established Misspent protagonists with equality, and whether it's Faalb's metre-switching "Well Wet", Mendelayev's nuanced and considered "Reflections", Fushara's tales from his concrete city, bustling kaleidoscopes of delight abound, quenching like a semi-skimmed cup over whole fat from the netlabel fraternity. Siphoned to perfection, it's a small display of Misspent's moreish qualities, which should be ranked high on your potentiometer upon consumption". (~ words by Muttley Subversion)

Download the full album on Beatport.


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