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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Mystery Jets Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled at The Vinyl Factory London

Mystery Jets played an intimate gig last Thursday at The Vinyl Factory in Soho, London, and I was lucky enough to attend the event where the ratio of good looking people was considerably higher than your average venue.

Hosted by Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled, the night included such amusing entertainment as popcorn, car-turntable-unit (with Grimmy and Jack Penate on "mixing" duties), virtual graff car and a long line of females queueing up to get their nails done by WAH Nails.

Can you guess which one is me? Do you care? I do because we thought the camera man was avoiding us, which he obviously was because we were so much more trendy than anyone else there. That's pure sarcasm.

Of course the highlight of the night (apart from the band of course) was the free bar, stocked with Becks and vodka; the vodka ran out and had to be restocked halfway through the night. So heaving was the bar area that when it came to my second trip to this impenetrable bar of doom the quantity of drinks I walked away with had doubled and by the third time they had tripled; and by that point it was fair to say I was slightly merry.

Much to my disappointment it was upon my return to the main room that I discovered that the band had already started playing - I had actually seen frontman Blaine Harrison walk out of the bands' containment zone minutes before. Inevitably the front of the crowd was just as impenetrable as the bar but the tracks from Mystery Jets' upcoming third album were solid and the set could quite possibly top second album '21'.

By this point I was trying to take some snaps and started to feel more pissed than I had previously planned; thus my memory of the new tracks is a little hazy and I'll need to have a comprehensive listen once the album becomes available. What I can remember is that the band smashed it and the tunes rocked. Pulses were definitely racing when they started jamming their classic tracks like 'Two Doors Down', during which I slid my way into that crowd and head nodded from beginning to end.

Having lapped up the band and fallen in love at least four times during the night, once the set had finished and the band had left the stage, the crowd gradually dispersed. 

The good photos in this piece are Vices, the shit ones are mine!

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