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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Online Reputation Management

My online reputation has been soiled. I could delete the evidence, but I have chosen to embrace it. One meaningless, piss-taking comment has received backlash (albeit from two people, but it's still upsetting) and I have been textually abused. I am refering to my post about a Mystery Jets gig in which I made a meaningless comment about dressing slightly less impressively than majority of people there; which I linked to on another website and made yet another meaningless comment about being caught on candid camera. I admit the comments do sound stupid (and I do sound like a tw@) if I look at them from a serious perspective, but I don't; I really don't care. I didn't take what I wrote seriously when I wrote it and I certainly don't take myself too seriously, which is why I am writing about this instead of hiding away from it or quarreling about it. The one thing I took seriously was the music and that's what the post was about in the first place. The internet allows people to express themselves freely, which is what this is all about.

If you want to know what was said and done click here, or click on the image below, which contains offensive language:


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