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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Vice Guide To Film: North Korea Part 1 of 3

VBS.TV has dropped the next three part mini-series of its 'Vice Guide to Film' documentaries, exploring bizarre and often extreme international film industries.

In 'Norh Korea Part 1 of 3' Vice Co-Founder Shane Smith clearly had a (government approved) wild time putting the pieces together of this wild and freaky territory -- and went on the weirdest of missions to get into the country in the first place. North Korea has a completely unique industry given that its dictator, Kim Jong Il, is not only the country's most obsessive film-buff (an avid fan of slasher-horrors, Godzilla and Elizabeth Taylor) but also its leading film-maker; having even built a movie studio in the nation's capital, Pyongyang. It's interesting to note how multi-talented Kim Jong Il is, and quite hard to believe! He also wrote a book on the theory of film called "On the Art of Cinema".

Kim Jong Il is obviously a nutter, especially since in 1978 he kidnapped director Shin-Sang Ok (who made films such as "Pulgasari" and seems to be linked to classic franchises such as "3 Ninjas") because he didn't have anyone to make a film he had in the works.

I am not even going to mention the rest... Unreal.

There is a great competition over at Vice to win a holiday in North Korea. Enter if you dare.

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