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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Vice Style

Vice has created a brand new Fashion site alongside the main website, online broadcast site VBS.TV and user-generated-content and culture community Motherboard. ViceStyle caters exclusively for the smart and cultured people that we are :)

Vice's broad and young readership isn't catered for by the traditional style press or industry-obsessed blogs. There's a universe of media where the fashion industry talks to itself, and with ViceStyle we want to bring the brightest and best to one of the most wide-ranging, curious and adaptable readerships on the planet. ViceStyle will intelligently and articulately bring you the latest fashion news in an aesthetically pleasing format.

The site includes photo shoots, featured articles and videos that cover the broad spectrum of fashion.

There's a piece on Mathew Stone from Peckham's !WOWOW! art collective.

An interview with Dominic Jones who makes particularly weird jewelery inspired by animal teeth and claws.

News on retro-Nike re-issues.

Lot's of videos on London Fashion Week.

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