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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Creators Project

Vice has launched a major partnership with Intel Computers known as The Creators Project. The venture has established a network that shall celebrate and showcase international and multimedia creativity and culture; The Creators Project is a self-proclaimed innovative channel for artists of the digital world; both of the present and of the future.

"The Creators Project has two mandates: on one hand it’s a modern day media channel that we will continually identify and celebrate the work of visionary artists wherever they are. On the other hand it is also a content creation studio, an arts foundation of sorts that will facilitate the production and dissemination of new work with these artists and their collaborators."

A number of exhibitions and events will tie into both traditional and digital media efforts to distribute the creative works the project seeks to expose. The website is where it is happening now and soon print, TV and mobile will be added to the mix. The Creators Project has begun in New York and is set to roll out globally.

I love The Creators Project's social ethos, not only as a massive global collaboration with no boundaries, but how it embraces the audience and their interactivity; which is what it is all about:  

"The spirit that cuts across the entirety of this project is one of conversation and collaboration, which fundamentally includes you, the audience. Watch, read, comment, share, and let us know what you think of our new arts channel and content studio every step of the way."

Vice and Intel have combined their might to create several documentaries that have just been released and feature superb artists such as Phoenix, Diplo and Karl Sadler. Each has their own skills and talents and is representing their own home territory. Expect more and more artists to come through each week.

Read up on this wicked piece on Wired, which delves into The Creators Project's conception, background and behind the scenes business!

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