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Friday, 27 August 2010

Fire Tornado

A 'fire tornado' in Sao Paolo, Brazil:

Source: Science News Blog

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Friday, 6 August 2010

Seba - Never Let You Go ... again

Cheeky as it is to put this up...


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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dark Sky Don't Waste Time - Frames EP

Time, it seems, is a difficult concept. Time - if there really is such a thing - is always my enemy. I take too much time doing everything. There's been far, far too much time since I last posted anything on my blog here. There's not enough time to do the things that I want to do this evening. There won't be enough time tomorrow. The notion of time helps us create. It also helps us to waste. This very conception could help me, or anyone, in making the most of time, so I'll start with that which I hold dearest - music.

A group of artists that I discovered earlier this year have come to my attention once more and it is my intention to bring them to the attention of anyone who reads this post. These artists are Dark Sky. Based on the Pictures label (an excellent record label and photo blog that should be added to everyones bookmarks), this trio of "dubstep" producers have truly given me something to take time out for.

Their new Frames EP, consists of four pieces that are as diverse and imaginative as I could hope for in a fresh release:

1. Reflex

Reflex is lazy, dreamy and ghostly as it rises with nostalgic pulses of stabbing keys of synth; ridden by percussive highs and flowing shakers that move the heart. My mind casts back to earlier sounds of house music and speed garage that are the signature of my love for music. The sounds intensify and fire down like beams of sharp light; twisting and churning round as if you couldn't dance to it fast enough.

2. Night Light

Night Light is equally as memorable in its attraction as it is in its power to drag you back to places you have seen maybe once and never thought you would ever see again. Beautiful chimes rotate around the jagged bass line of the track that will charm you to pieces. I find myself clapping my hands when I should be tapping keys and the fizzy melody doesn't so much resolve the tune as it leaves you itching for the replay.

3. Drowned City

Drowned City does not ask you to remember, it asks you to never forget. Beautiful notes glide through the top line and you are whisked away by angelic whispers and glistening winds that arouse and electrify. Head nodding garage beats break under snug, soothing bass that won't escape you.

4. Fly

Fly has a definitively grime-flavoured, bouncing, tech-noir vibe that shoots shocks of bass through you at every angle. The sly whistles and ruffling percussion disintegrate into an old-skool breakdown and relapse over the overwhelmingly engaging second drop that is the purest and finest of filth from phenomenal music makers.

Love it? See more at Pictures.

Follow Pictures.


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Icicle - Xylophobia

Because I love this tune very much...


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The Creators Project | Romain Gavras

There are some weird people out there... One such oddity is Romain Gavras who has made music videos for Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, The Last Shadow Puppets, DJ Mehdi and MIA. Watch this for a fascinating figure in film-making bought to us by The Creators Project:


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