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Monday, 4 October 2010

ASC - The Touch featuring Riya | Vaccine Remix

Futuristic flavours to dream of and die for are out now, from three artists spanning the UK and US that combine the best of both worlds. Homegrown, cutting edge producer ASC, a favourite of mine from over the years (and one whose dusty vinyls sit in my bedroom), has partnered with his wife Vaccine (a more recent favourite of mine, renowned for her exquisite productions that take dubstep and drum & bass in unforeseen directions) and the sensational vocalist Riya; who has bought something totally unique and inspiring to drum and bass music with her string of collaborations (most notably with Lenzman).

The Touch is the first single release on ASC's own Auxilliary imprint, out now on 12". The track flows with the Autonomic sound - which ASC has helped to pioneer over the years - and the amalgamation of his signature basslines, skipping beats and otherworldly soundscapes. The bassline rings with the nostalgic tones that are the underbelly of jungle and the light drums are fully rinsing with an awesome halfstep vibe; entwined with tender melodic chimes and astral vocals that offer something very different and very forward thinking.

The Vaccine Remix holds the tempo and whilst maintaining an equally mellow vibe as the original, the track takes a completely different route that hits the aural senses with a startling punch. The tune pumps behind an ethereal veil that echoes with such kinetic intensity that it opens up another superior dimension to Vaccine's sublime material. Stripped down and rebuilt - this is an exemplary remix.

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