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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Galactic Step. Time Flies. It Does.

I haven't posted anything for ages. I still seem to be getting visits from the UK and the US (in particular, bizarrely, from California and Texas). I really want to keep discovering and writing about fresh music, however, the activities that I occupy myself with don't seem to leave me with time for much else. The time that I do have seems to vanish into a myst of episodes of The Wire and True Blood. New jobs, domestic dramas and romantic pursuits aside, these are a couple of tracks that have been on repeat. They're of opposite moods but both equally as entrancing. I recently bumped into Icicle and was delighted to discuss his track, below, and how it is the happiest tune he's released to date. I don't know how you can listen to it and not smile.

Icicle - "Galactic Step"

Kryptic Minds - "Time Flies" (Feat Alys Be)

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Breach - 'I Need You'

This is a naughty tune! Forming the dubstep/house hybrid sound, 'I Need You', by Breach (aka Ben Westbeach, I believe), is full of frantic energy. This is coming out on Dirtybird Records and follows on from his previous release, 'Fatherless', which is below, along with the VIP!

Happy Mondays.

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Grizzl & J. Phlip - Bakupgrl (Grizzl Detroit Dub)

I was delighted to come across a podcast of a recent Rinse FM show by Claude VonStroke (my hero). On this show he dropped a ridiculously heavy, techy, booty-shaking number called "Bakupgrl", which he co-produced with J.Phlip, under his The Grizzl alias.. BOOOOOM..

Here is some more!

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Nocow and Sleepyhead

Two unbelievably amazing and beautiful pieces of music are echoing in my thoughts. One is regretfully sorrowful and the other is bright and euphoric, yet both are undoubtedly inspired by the irritatingly elusive - yet satisfyingly mysterious - Burial. I have come across several artists producing such a sound, which has certainly become a complete genre in it's own right now (aptly tagged in one instance as 'stoned' 'garage'), and one that you can truly loose yourself in. Nocow and Sleepyhead are both from completely opposite sides of the planet, Russia and the US respectively, and both represent something so deep and intangible it is difficult to express in words why I love this music so much. The garage vibe at the core of the tunes is only the beginning. The rest, I hope as many people as possible can hear for themselves.

Nocow - "Moonlight Flit"

Download this track, free, from XLR8R.

Sleepyhead - "LA Kicks" ft Ghostek

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Photek - Totem

New Photek. I love it. 'Nuff. Said... ;)

Check out this recent Boiler Room set from London. Amazing mixing... Tough tracks...

Photek Facebook.

Photek iTunes.

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dry the River - No Rest

I am proud to work with Dry the River. They are such an amazing and cutting edge band that has just played this year's Glastonbury and are surely going to be huge, all over the world. This is the video for their debut, "No Rest", which you can download from iTunes now. The record is released as a 7" vinyl on July 11th 2011.

Follow the band on Twitter and please visit their website.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Kito & Reija Lee- Sweet Talk EP

Best EP of the year and some. 'This City' is one tune I've been waiting for....

Kito & Reija Lee.

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Koreless - 4D/M.T.I

Some brand new tracks from one of my favourite labels, Pictures Music. THIS IS OUT NOW - MONDAY 21st MARCH - by Koreless. Analogue, minimal, bit-crunch and white noise entwined with spectacularly manipulated audio. This tune, "M.T.I", is on the flip to "4D" and, melodically, reminds me of San Fran techno I've caught over the years. It wonderfully sits in a sonic space of it's own that can't easily be defined. Try.

More info here.

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Interface - Voodoo Science EP

I recently caught DJ Die down at Cable in London Bridge. His set spanned jump up, jungle and techy 2-step drum and bass. It was awesome. He dropped some tracks from his own ClearSkyz Recordings, including this - Voodoo Science EP by Interface:

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Baby Blue - Paper Haters pt.3 (Ben Black verse) by Ben Black

This pretty fat.

Ben Black was selected as a finalist in a competition to appear on the next single from Baby Blue, and you can vote for him to win by going to and hitting the vote button.

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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Boxcutter - Planet Mu

Sundays always dissolve into an empty, thin space between that Friday vibe and the alarm bells of Monday morning. My Mondays are quite dark right now, because we have a routine 8:30am meeting and the mornings are still nighttime at 6am.

Something has brightened up both my screen and Sunday evening - the video for "TV Troubles", by Boxcutter (a.k.a Barry Lynn) from his forthcoming Planet Mu album, titled 'The Dissolve'. The video and the tune itself capture a drowsy and evocative tone. I really love the acidity it's laced with.

Boxcutter's album is being driven by a new 12" - 'Allele" and "Other People"

"Allele" is certainly on dubstep form. It jitters with jungle and grows with distant, accumulative sonics.

"Other People" has a provocative 2-step vibe that plays with a deceiving summer sound through warming bass and equally drowsy harmonics.

"The Dissolve" is released on Planet Mu, April 25th 2011.

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Fantastic Mr Fox Vice Mix and Blend

Fantastic Mr Fox has done an awesome mix for Vice and will be headlining a party to celebrate the launch of the next magazine issue (out Jan 27th). Check it out here:

...Or stream here... And read up here.

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Funkystepz - Fuller / Hurricane Riddim

Funkystepz are to release two tunes on the Hyperdub label:

Epic four-to-the flour to get your dancing shoes on for. 'Fuller' throws around slick beats and wet synth untill you can't get enough.

Hurricane Riddim
'Hurricane Riddim' holds tight with a righteous lick and is bursting at the seams with energy that will shake the house.

Released 14/02/2011 (HDB049).

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Morgan Zarate - Hookid EP

I have some fresh Hyperdub pieces. First up Morgan Zarate's 'Hookid EP'.

Severely rugged, spaced out techy-dubstep vibes and super-sonic hooks come from three-hundred and sixty degrees surrounding 'Hookid's ultra-heavy beats.

Bye Bye
'Buy Bye' takes the grime flavour in a twisted direction of aural discovery. Vocal samples and downtown synth form mysterious, stimulating rhythms.

The EP's culminating piece switches tempo with a bittersweet, hip-hop headnod vibe. This has an edgier cinematic sound that leaves you to wonder what is waiting around the next corner.

Hookid EP is out tomorrow, January 24th on 12" and MP3 download (HDB044).


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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Vaccine European Tour Spring 2011

Vaccine, one of my favourite artists, it to tour Europe this Spring. More info here. Book her and change the world!

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Blue Valetine - Trailer

I cannot wait for 'Blue Valentine'. I randomly came across this movie months ago and now it has just come back to my attention. I love Ryan Gosling and I am a massive softy when it comes down to films like this, films of the 'love story' genre that are raw and truthful (I am not talking 'Love Actually').

"One of the standout films at this year’s Sundance, London and Cannes Film Festivals, the critically-acclaimed BLUE VALENTINE is an intense, tender and beautifully observed love story for anyone that’s ever been in love. Driven by stand-out performances from Academy Award nominees Ryan Gosling (LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, HALF NELSON) and Michelle Williams (BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, SYNECDOCHE NEW YORK, SHUTTER ISLAND), the film follows the path of a contemporary married couple with a young daughter as they contemplate the blissful early days of their relationship in contrast to their current marital challenges. Flooded with romantic memories of their courtship when they were both full of youthful hope about their lives together, Dean and Cindy use one night to try and save their marriage. Brooklyn-based folk rock band Grizzly Bear provides a fitting soundtrack to this beautifully cool film - an honest, heartfelt and refreshingly real portrait of a relationship on the rocks."

'Blue Valentine' is out in the UK tomorrow.

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Kiss the Braille Mirror - Rudi Zygadlo free download

I just revisited a very unique producer known as Rudi Zygadlo, who is going to be putting out a self-released single titled 'Kiss the Braille Mirror'. The track is going to be available as a free download from this coming Monday 17th January.

Kiss the Braille Mirror
This tune sparks with an uplifting, glitchy and unwinding vibe thats is so precious at this point in time. The January blues sets in and seasonal affective disorder is at its peak, so Kiss the Braille Mirror serves as a soothing remedy. The artist's distinctive style creates progressive sonic prose that seduces the senses. Chopping rhythms are as smooth as the grey sky.

Rudi Zygadlo has recently completely a big tour and is now located in Berlin, where he is producing his next release for Planet Mu.

Get the FREE DOWNLOAD of 'Kiss the Braille Mirror' from Rudi's blog January 17th.

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Des Hamilton Interview

Here's a great find... The casting director behind Shane Meadows' 'This is England', Des Hamilton, has been interviewed by Vice here. He's worked with the likes of Lars von Trier too, which is pretty cool.

This is the first audition of Thomas Turgoose, who performed in 'This is England' and later on was also in 'Eden Lake'.

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Lights and Wires - Black Sun Empire

I don't know where I've been. I don't quite know where I am. Please see the previous post that demonstrates how much of a lost soul I am right now. I'll get down to business - about two months beyond the release date of this one. I just downloaded it and haven't even listened to it all the way through. It's utterly immense. With releases on their own Black Sun Empire Recordings going back to the year 2000, Light and Wires counts as the fifth LP from Black Sun Empire.

I remember discovering BSE when they emerged and this album perfectly demonstrates how incredible they are. Released in various vinyl and CD formats, the iTunes download alternates between their distinctive drum and bass flavours and their more recent signature style of dubstep (which can be found under their elusive label Shadows of the Empire).

The tunes ride from the heavy and dark to the blissfully moving (not that the blissfully moving can be any less dark). Here's a taste...



I know you agree.

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I wrote this on New Years Day... Semi-wasted musings entirely distracted by a terrible 'hangover' and a day spent at a computer. I want to post this piece to this strange blog that I call my own because I am intrigued by what was going through my mind. I soon lost whatever motivation was behind my conviction, which was to go T-Total (third time in my life). It was too easy to turn around on myself and opt for the slightly more appealing alternative to Plan A. Plan B is simply to drink less. My friends said to me that I don't drink too much, yet this is a statement made in comparison to their own habits, which in all fairness, are filled with greater revelry than my own (or at least greater quantities of alcohol, consumed more often, no doubt). It's relative. At this point in time, I cannot commit to being so straight-laced. Call it escapism or a means of numbing undesired states of mind. Now I've reflected on it all, I see it as just plain fun.

I find myself questioning my perceptions in shock of how erratic my drunken behaviour is. This is not as complex as my perceptions of myself or reality, only how I envision myself developing as an individual in the future that lies before me. What defines my erratic, drunken-self can be categorised as 'what drunken people do' in general - such as chatting up random people, having overwhelmingly honest and sincere conversations with complete strangers, contacting people at the most unsocial hours, leaving without a trace when everyone else is probably too wired to notice. It is not these things that bother me most, nor is it the hangover the next day. It is now quite simply that I do not believe this person is me. A growing confidence and an almost arrogant attitude is swelling every time I take a sip of alcohol and I am taking too many more sips than I am used to. In this year 2011 I aim to achieve a number of things and my worry is that having this much fun will hinder these efforts. The very notion that I possess that I am capable of reaching these goals, I fear, is at stake.

I have accomplished a great deal recently and in the last year especially, I have grown up and changed in many ways. There have been many external changes that have gone hand in hand with the mental and emotional rise and this has lead to drinking a lot of booze. I question myself in less profound ways than I imply. I merely believe that by drinking I am becoming someone I do not want to be; overly-confident, too trusting and unhealthy - both in mind and body. I haven't been to the gym in a long time. I accept this may sound dramatic, however, I have an addictive personality. Now is the right time to make a small change that may have a huge impact. What makes this decision even more significant for me is that I cannot drink without smoking and I only smoke when I drink (with the exception of the past few months, which have been stressful, to sat the least). Therefore, by giving up one, I relinquish the other as a vice.

I know how to have fun in a drunken environment whilst remaining completely sobar. I have done this before - twice, in fact, for a year at a time and each time my decision to go T-Total was based on entirely different factors. By going T-Total one more time there is always the chance that it won't last. In all likeliness it won't last my lifetime, but in another years time there is no way to tell what may happen and how my world will evolve. This time I want to learn more about myself and this world without being impaired by intoxication. I want to see how I can change. I want to know what I can change. Most importantly, I want to save some cash money.

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Monday, 3 January 2011

Blame - Sigma

I remember Grooverider dropping this on Radio 1, so long ago. 'Sigma' by Blame of 720. So old, yet so pure and unbelievably futuristic, as if made tomorrow. I love that this ish might clear a floor. The beats are complex. The sounds are exquisite and hypnotic. For some, the floor would be torn apart. Just nod.

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