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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Morgan Zarate - Hookid EP

I have some fresh Hyperdub pieces. First up Morgan Zarate's 'Hookid EP'.

Severely rugged, spaced out techy-dubstep vibes and super-sonic hooks come from three-hundred and sixty degrees surrounding 'Hookid's ultra-heavy beats.

Bye Bye
'Buy Bye' takes the grime flavour in a twisted direction of aural discovery. Vocal samples and downtown synth form mysterious, stimulating rhythms.

The EP's culminating piece switches tempo with a bittersweet, hip-hop headnod vibe. This has an edgier cinematic sound that leaves you to wonder what is waiting around the next corner.

Hookid EP is out tomorrow, January 24th on 12" and MP3 download (HDB044).


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