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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Boxcutter - Planet Mu

Sundays always dissolve into an empty, thin space between that Friday vibe and the alarm bells of Monday morning. My Mondays are quite dark right now, because we have a routine 8:30am meeting and the mornings are still nighttime at 6am.

Something has brightened up both my screen and Sunday evening - the video for "TV Troubles", by Boxcutter (a.k.a Barry Lynn) from his forthcoming Planet Mu album, titled 'The Dissolve'. The video and the tune itself capture a drowsy and evocative tone. I really love the acidity it's laced with.

Boxcutter's album is being driven by a new 12" - 'Allele" and "Other People"

"Allele" is certainly on dubstep form. It jitters with jungle and grows with distant, accumulative sonics.

"Other People" has a provocative 2-step vibe that plays with a deceiving summer sound through warming bass and equally drowsy harmonics.

"The Dissolve" is released on Planet Mu, April 25th 2011.

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