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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Nocow and Sleepyhead

Two unbelievably amazing and beautiful pieces of music are echoing in my thoughts. One is regretfully sorrowful and the other is bright and euphoric, yet both are undoubtedly inspired by the irritatingly elusive - yet satisfyingly mysterious - Burial. I have come across several artists producing such a sound, which has certainly become a complete genre in it's own right now (aptly tagged in one instance as 'stoned' 'garage'), and one that you can truly loose yourself in. Nocow and Sleepyhead are both from completely opposite sides of the planet, Russia and the US respectively, and both represent something so deep and intangible it is difficult to express in words why I love this music so much. The garage vibe at the core of the tunes is only the beginning. The rest, I hope as many people as possible can hear for themselves.

Nocow - "Moonlight Flit"

Download this track, free, from XLR8R.

Sleepyhead - "LA Kicks" ft Ghostek

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