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Monday, 5 January 2015

Facebook's own DSP will steer hyper-personalisation

This year 50+% of Google display impressions/ads will never be seen and Facebook will unveil its own DSP/demand-side platform for media buyers, indicating a lot of fascinating opportunities for marketers/advertisers to be meticulous, competitive and effective with data planning. 

Facebook and Google will account for 50.8% of UK digital advertising spend; they are pivotal to brand marketing. As Snapchat looks to capitalise on its near 200m userbase in a diversifying “app constellation”, the ecosystem of digital media will continue to expand. 

Control over user data (ID, location, timing, attitude, motivation, channel usage, device usage, spend) is developing rapidly and we will truly tap into the walled gardens of social/commerce utilities to follow and influence the user/customer journey (a difficult route to map): hyper-personalisation at scale across multiple channels is inevitable. It’s the most effective way for brands/organisations to compete in this industry now.
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