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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Pinterest to be the destination of choice for searching and buying

If you have ever bought anything on the Amazon App then you'd know just how easy and instant it is to buy things, especially in contrast to desktop. 'Buyable pins' / buying stuff on Pinterest is a natural evolution of a social network that has massive potential for mobile commerce.

It has taken years of anticipation for the platform to introduce “buy buttons” and it appears to have the most viable opportunity of all Western social networks because of users’ claimed purchasing behaviour, as per the Business Insider chart below. "Buy Buttons" are a huge trend for 2015, and "are optimised for mobile, minimising purchase friction at the moment of engagement". New creatives such as the 'Cinematic Pin' ad unit combined with brand content and user-curated / generated content means people can experience products in a more tangible and realistic way than Amazon, for example; desirability and purchase intent would shoot up. Pinterest also needs to crack their direct response capabilities.

Pinterest is an elusive platform for UK brands that will focus most on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because of bigger and more defined audiences. Pinterest should be incorporated into any search and social strategy if you’re in the business of commodities; it has a unique proposition of search and discovery and will likely become a popular combination of social media and eCommerce as soon as it allows everyone to sell. Google and Apple are redefining what search engines are and how we will be using them for different intentions. We will see greater integration of these search platforms with social media. If people want to buy stuff, Pinterest could well be where we're all headed.
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