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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Social media editorial will require the strongest brand content to impact brand favourability

A significant trend among internet companies and social media is curation and editorial via human resource; Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, BuzzFeed News, and Twitter Collections and Project Lightning all point towards a space where content is presently housed for core communities to explore and curate themselves, to where content will be compiled live on peoples' behalf, like interactive broadcast.

These are all platforms and features designed to hook users in to non-esoteric environments that will become mass market channels / networks for news, entertainment and shopping, despite how popular, or not, these already are in their current state. This core suite of channels will sit on all our mobile devices alongside our single-purpose apps as our go-to resources; everything we want to consume will be served to us instantly in the 'best of' format.

When these streams are compiled for us brands will need to work hard and doubtlessly pay more to be seen and heard; on one hand this will be about how influential you already are (or will be), or how you align yourself to media owners more influential. On the other hand this will all be about great and meaningful content that people want to see, as Daykin writes here, which will therefore inevitably impact on the receptivity of the core communities with self-curated streams, and those that otherwise proactively favour one brand over another in pre-curated streams.
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